Phonetabulous Talks Phone Hygiene

Take some advice from the experts!
Everyone’s talking about good hygiene and that’s always been important but now more than ever!

We need to disinfect our hands, be extra careful with what we touch and what we come into contact with and we’re even told NOT to touch our face!

But there’s one thing that comes in contact with our face even more often than our hands, countless times a day ... OUR PHONES. Studies have shown that germs can survive for days on the surface of your phone amongst the makeup and perspiration that transfers from your face if not regularly cleaned.

We leave our phones on counter tops, tables, benches, in bags and pockets, car holders and consoles so no matter how often we disinfect our hands or how little we touch our face if we don’t regularly disinfect our phones we’ve missed a really important part of the hygiene process.

So here are some simple and basic hygiene tips for your phone…
  • Any maintenance or cleaning of your phone should be done with the device turned off and discounted form any charging sources.
  • The best and most hygienic way to use your phone is through set of good quality ear buds or a Bluetooth earpiece so it doesn’t come into contact with your face at all. This also reduces the unknown risk of radiation by removing the source.
  • Always Keep some antiseptic or alcohol wipes in your pocket or bag ... this is the new normal but check the wipes do not have a reaction with sensitive skin.
  • Have a good quality phone case and screen protector fitted, avoid fabric or heavily textured cases as these trap dirt and if your case or screen protector are worn or tatty replace them, as these are germ traps. Your local Phonetabulous store can help here.
  • Your case, screen protector or phone can be coated with an antimicrobial oleophobic liquid making it harder for dirt and germs to be trapped on the surfaces that you come into contact with. A good quality coating also provides surface protection against scratches and light damage just like the coating on prescription eyeglasses, Phonetabulous have a Liquid Nano Coating that does the job and it’s applied free if you spend more than $50.00 in store.
  • Before you wash your hands (at least before every meal) wipe down your phone, screen first then the frame and back with an alcohol antiseptic wipe. If you don’t have wipes, then a tissue dampened with antiseptic liquid will do the job (innovation is important during challenging times!)
  • Make sure you only use a damp antiseptic wipe or cloth to avoid any liquid damaging the speaker and microphone.
  • If you see dirt being trapped around the screen where the case and screen protector meet use a toothbrush dipped in antiseptic to give it a gentle wipe but avoid frequent removal of your case
Remember your phone comes into contact with lots of surfaces and then your face... use the same sensible hygiene procedures as you do for your hands and we’ll all stay healthy or better still use an earpiece or earbuds and avoid contact all together.
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