Make Dad's Day Special

Ideas to make sure dad has a special day, be it from near or far.

Celebrating Father’s Day may look a little different this year. But pandemic or not, in person or not, there are many ways you can still make dad feel loved and valued. 

People are finding creative new ways to enjoy special occasions and we’ve compiled the best of them. Here are some brilliant ideas to make dad feel special, social distancing style.


  • Zoom party - Get all the kids together for a surprise party. Create a nostalgic video/photo reel as a surprise.
  • Father’s feast - Organise dad’s favourite food and wine to be delivered for a special treat. Show him he did a grape job raisin you!
  • Game day - There are plenty of online games you can play virtually with your pops! Line up a few hours or even a day of competition. Surprise him by getting some new gaming software delivered to his house ahead of time.
  • Synchronised movie night - Even from afar you can video chat dad while you watch your favourite movie together. Send dad some popcorn and treats for the occasion. After all, life is butter because of him!
  • Take a virtual tour - Perhaps the ONE thing we can thank COVID-19 for is the plethora or virtual tours that have become available. Swim through a coral reef, walk through a museum or visit your favourite zoo, all online.
  • Learn a new skill - Shout dad an online masterclass! Learn acting with Helen Mirren, wine appreciation with James Suckling, tennis with Serena Williams or basically any other thing you could imagine.
  • Family trivia night - Organise a remote family trivia night where each family member plans a portion of the questions. E.g. recreating famous movie scenes for people to guess.


  • Finish a project - Has dad been working on something he’s been meaning to finish forever? Hang out and help him finish a passion project.
  • Bake some treats - If you doughnut know what you’d do without your dad, bake him his favourite treats (or set everything up and bake them with him!).
  • Dine out at home - Dad might be cautious of heading out and about (even if he can). Chef up and bring the dining experience to him! Set up a nice table, cook up a feast and spoil him at home.
  • Wine/beer tasting at home - Whether you organise a more formal ‘dial-in’ wine tasting with an online company or you organise it yourself, dad will love the effort. Research cheese that pairs well with the selected wines and enjoy.
  • Home camping - Pitch a tent in the backyard, toast some marshmallows and tell some spooky ghost stories under the stars at home.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there! 

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