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The Painted Sky
The author Alice Campion is the pseudonym for five members of a Sydney book club who challenged themselves to write a ‘21st Century Thorn Birds'. The result is a captivating rural novel, brimming with romance, mystery and suspense.
Nina never knew what happened to her father, the celebrated artist Jim Larkin. One minute he was her devoted dad, the next he'd disappeared without trace. Seventeen years later, she's still haunted by the mystery.
Until a call from outback Wandalla changes everything.
At first, Nina's inheritance of a waterless property and a farmhouse stuffed with junk seems more like a burden than a gift. But this was her father's childhood home – and possibly her last chance to discover the truth.
Nina travels to her farm for one last trip to rekindle memories and search for new evidence. What she gets is far more than she bargained for. Where did her father disappear to? What was the double life he lived? What is the deal with the gold locket? Why is her neighbour, Hilary, so keen to get her hands on Durnham House? These are just a few of the many questions that Nina has to unravel. Add to this her complicated feelings towards her childhood friend, the very-engaged Heath, and you have a story that will keep you flicking the pages till the very end. The blend of mystery and suspense, along with a touch of romance and intrigue made for an excellent rural romantic suspense novel which is fresh and entertaining.
The Painted Sky is available at Dymocks Wollongong.

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