Health, Fitness Blogged by: SAVVY Fitness 02 Oct 2020

5 Changes to Improve Your Nutrition Today

Looking for some simple ways to improve your nutrition? Our friends at SAVVY Fitness have provided us with their top 5 suggestions to make a change today!

1) Drink more Water

Swap out the soft drinks, juice, smoothies & milkshakes for water or sparkling water.There are many hidden calories in our beverages so this swap can make a big impact straight away.

​2) Reduce Packaging

Packaged foods are generally over processed & can contain ingredients that could be harmful if consumed in excess, such as saturated fats, sugar & salt.
Packaged foods also tend to contain less dietary fibre & fewer vitamins than whole food.

3) Portion Control

Fill at least half of your plate with vegies. Use smaller plates & bowls, the bigger the plate the more food you tend to serve.
Slow down your eating so that you have time to register being satisfied & avoid over eating.

4) Eat more fruit & veg

Make sure you include vegies at every meal & include than as a snack. Carrot sticks & hommos are a great swap for a sugar filled muesli bar.
You should be aiming for 5 serves of veg & 2 serves of fruit every day.

5) Shop around the supermarket edges

All the packaged processed foods are in the aisles & the fresh foods are around the outside edges. So make sure that your trolley is mostly filled with fresh whole foods.


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