Project Crown was a 8 month project transforming a vacant wall that now occupies H&M, into art from local and national artists. Check out the amazing works that were part of our gallery and learn about the talented artists that shared a piece of themselves with Wollongong! 

 Claire Foxton
Claire is a local emerging artist and designer who graduated from the University of Wollongong in 2009. She spent most weekends of her teens and early 20s working on portrait commissions and painting live at events with her fast-paced, kinetic style. Claire's art practice explores the apex of visual design, fine art and street art through a hybrid of figurative and abstract painting using traditional and improvised techniques. Her works are a residue of process where each mark informs the next and layers revealed tell the story. 

Presenting John Kaye

Australian artist John Kaye has been constantly travelling and creating paintings for the past 8 years. John’s art is on display in multiple galleries and other public spaces around the world. John has recently moved into creating independent publications documenting his experiences and the process of the work he has made throughout his travels. Most recently John has been working out of a studio in Perth to make a new body of work for a solo exhibition titled “Chained to the Sky” that will be on display over the next few weeks before he heads back east to start work on some large projects, the first one at Project Crown.

Presenting Nicci Bedson
Nicci Bedson is an emerging artist hailing from the South Coast. She graduated from the University of Wollongong with a Masters of Creative Arts in 2009. Starting out a more traditional portrait painter Nicci has taken her work out of the gallery and onto the streets through large scale murals and chalk art. She exhibits and paints locally and on her travels.

Presenting Owen Dippie
Owen Dippie is an internationally recognised artist from New Zealand, exploring the universal language of art. He endeavours to leave his mark on the world, rather than just exist in it.