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Easy Halloween Costume Ideas 🎃

Halloween is just around the corner and at Wollongong Central we've got you sorted. Check out our easy Halloween costume and makeup ideas that will save you time, money and stress! The kids will look great, your neighbours will be impressed and you can sit back, take in all the ghouly glory and enjoy some ‘boos’ πŸ₯‚πŸ˜‰πŸ‘»



  • Human lego - Cardboard box, arm holes and a head hole, cylinders to stick for lego bits (cups, styrofoam cylinders), paint
  • Rubix cube - Similar to above… cardboard box, arm holes and a head hole, paint and black tape
  • Bunch of grapes - Cover your kid with purple balloons and pin some leaves in their hair for the cutest bunch of grapes you’ll ever see
  • Jellyfish - A clear umbrella with coloured streamers or ribbons hanging from it makes the perfect jellyfish. Just dress your child in one colour underneath.
  • Beekeeper - All you need is a large hat, a veil or mesh to drape over it and some fake bees to stick on the veil
  • Bachelor/Bachelorette - Dress your little one in a suit or gown, hand them a red rose and voila!
  • Costume not found - Simple white shirt with the words ‘Error 404 - costume not found’
  • Smartie pants - Stick packets of smarties all over their pants (perhaps remove chocolate first!)
  • Rain cloud - Go for that umbrella again, stick fluff or tissue to the outside and hang some home-made paper raindrops and lightning bolts to the edges. Or, do the same to a large hat for an option they don’t have to hold!
  • Pineapple - Dress them in a cute yellow outfit with green shoes and a spikey green paper hat and you have a cute little pineapple!


  • Mermaid makeup - Hold some netting over your little one’s face, then brush on shimmery colored makeup over the top for a scaley look. We’ve used fruit netting from the store!
  • Liquid lippy face paint - Liquid lippy makes wonderful, long lasting face paint.
  • Spooky lips - There’s no need to go and buy black or blue lipstick, simply mix a bit of eyeshadow with gloss and apply.
  • Sunken eyes - To create a glorious undead look, simply use your contourer around the eyes and cheekbones and blend.
  • Chunky blood - To add some texture to your fake blood, simply add strawberry jam! Yummy!
  • Fake bruises - Grab some blue, purple, black, yellow and green markers. Trace a bruise outline then add splotches of colour within it. Finally, use some gel to smear the colours together.
  • Fake stubble - Apply some vaseline to the desired area, pat on some coffee grounds and allow to dry.

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Target at Wollongong Central has everything you need for a spooky Halloween, from kids and adults Halloween costumes and makeup, to buckets and baskets for Halloween treats. They even have super cool Halloween party plates and napkins if you're going all out with a Halloween party!



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Whether it's bats, cats or skeletons, Cotton On Kids at Wollongong Central has you covered with spooky outfits this Halloween. Our favourites are the kids Glow In The Dark Skeleton PJ's!




If licenced character costumes are what your little one is after this Halloween, head straight to David Jones at Wollongong Central. They've got all the favourites including Frozen, Forky from Toy Story, Mad Hatters, The Hulk and so much more to choose from!


Happy Halloween! πŸŽƒ

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