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Cleansing with honey
Blogged by: Wollongong Central 30 Jun 2016 View comments
We know what you’re thinking – honey is so sticky!  Well yes but there are major benefits to cleansing with it – it’s antibacterial, probiotic and has healing properties and are super nourishing and hydrating!  Honey helps heal acne, eczema and minor wounds.  Keep in mind there are different types of honey – namely it has to be raw and unfiltered. Manuka honey has the most anti-bacterial properties (great for dry skin!)

Washing with it isn’t a sticky or goopy as you might think. All you need to do is smooth it on and then it rinses off extremely easily with water leaving your face feeling clean, smooth and plump!  After a week your face will be the softest you’ve ever seen it!

One catch – honey isn’t a great makeup remover, you’ll need an additional skin care step if you wear makeup.
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