Head On Photo Festival 2017

Don’t miss the opportunity to see three breathtaking and uniquely individual photographic projects in one exhibition this May.
‘The Australians’ by Stephen Dupont, ‘Dream Summer’ by Tom Williams and a curated selection from the Head On Portrait Prize weave together the narratives of people across different locations and times – from Wollongong and beyond – to build a story of beauty, fragility, and hope from the powerful images captured by the photographers.
Curated and produced by aMBUSH Gallery and presented with Wollongong Central as part of Head On 2017, ‘Here There & Everywhere’ will be exhibited in the Gateway Building at Wollongong Central from the 5th-31st of May.

Free Masterclasses - Register Now

Opportunities like this don’t come around very often! If you’re a beginner to intermediate photographer looking to learn new skills from an industry expert, Wollongong Central’s free one-day master class with Australian documentary photographer and artist Tom Williams is perfect for you.
Tom began his career as a photojournalist, before developing an interest in the controlled interventions of the documentary process. His work has been exhibited and published in Australia, South East Asia and Latin America.
His master class on 13 May will focus on a number of approaches to making portraits, examining key components such as composition, context, creative use of light, interaction with subjects, materiality and narrative possibilities. (NB: participants must bring their own DSLR or other type of camera with manual controls).

To register your place in the master class, email info@ambushgallery.com (numbers are limited).

The second master class on offer is with Stephen Dupont. Learn first-hand from one of Australia’s most acclaimed photographers, Stephen Dupont, whose images have won many prestigious prizes over the past two decades. His work has featured in major exhibitions as well as numerous libraries, museums, publications, and universities across the globe.
His full-day masterclass on 20 May will inspire and inform, as he shares a selection of his own works and the stories behind them, then constructively critiques participants’ work, with discussions about photographic quality, editing and ideas. (NB: participants must bring at least 10 of their own photographs along to the class).
To register your place in the master class, email info@ambushgallery.com (numbers are limited).