Touch Hear Room

“Please do not touch the artworks” – it’s a phrase that’s been bandied about at galleries the world over, but visitors to Wollongong Central’s new exhibition – Touch Hear – will experience the complete opposite.
Touch Hear is a multisensory encounter, where viewers are encouraged to get hands-on with the immersive and interactive painting of pattern and text that covers an entire room (including the floor and ceiling), and discover the secret sounds embedded within.
This groundbreaking artwork is the first of its kind in Australia, and was created by Melbourne based artist George Rose. The large-scale mural uses conductive paint, which is a specialised product that becomes touch sensitive and triggers sounds when connected to an Arduino board and programmed. The sounds used in Touch Hear have been devised in collaboration with renowned Australian music producer, artist and performer, Plutonic Lab.
The word ‘Wollongong’ features prominently, with each letter producing a different sound when touched. The colour scheme used is reflective of the region’s proximity to the water, and the soundscape has been recorded in surrounding areas.

Details are:
Location: Level 2, Gateway Building (near Parliament)
Time: Open daily during centre trading hours

(Photography by Nicole Reed).